Brand Philosophy

VinzBerry was conceived from the need to acknowledge and prioritize intimate wellness and hygiene needs of women. We are shaping our brand and products around the growing desire among women to nurture the least spoken and least prioritized body parts. In a world full of external happiness, VinzBerry is here with a 'berry' important objective - making you feel beautiful inside out. We bring to you a world of intimate and personal care products that are good for you and great for your body.

We are a platform where you get solutions to a spectrum of concerns on female hygiene and wellness through our revolutionary products. From Intimate Hygiene Wash to Hand & Nail Cream to Chafing Lightening Cream, our range is created after careful consideration of Indian women-body type. We are a forum where you can comfortably share your most intimate concerns and experiences with like-minded individuals. We are a brand that's Intimately Yours.

Just like the mighty and delicate dandelion, we wish to unfold the many aspects of self-love and care, so every woman blossoms into the best care-free and vibrant version of herself.

Paraben-free, cruelty-free and made of natural ingredients our products are designed to make your relationship with your body truly smooth and intimate.


Vineeta Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Gaurav Sharma


Khushboo Jain