Underarms Lightening Combo | For Dark & Pigmented Underarm Skin

Double the Joy with VinzBerry Underarm lightening Combo!
Look no more, with the Perks of Two, get the Underarms you have always desired.
With it's Deobiome Noni & Vitamin C, VinzBerry's Underarm Lightening Serum leaves you so Fresh with its Skin Lightening Properties and helps to get rid of Dark Spots, Pigmented Skin, Rough Skin all while Deodorizing at the same time.
Fortified with Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid, VinzBerry's Underarm Lightening Mask is specifically designed for sensitive underarm skin. This formula helps in removing pigmentation, discoloration and roughness of dark underarm skin.
✔️ Lightens - Reduces pigmentation, lightens dark patches on skin
✔️ Moisturizes - Provides deep hydration for a soft & smooth skin
✔️ Brightens - Helps restore the natural even tone of skin 
✔️ Deodorizes - With it Peony Fragrance, all-day-long!
✔️ Evens Tone - Growth of new skin cells
Now, Flaunt that Sleeveless Dress with Confidence!
Key Ingredients: Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C & Deobiome Noni
Rs. 1,398.00

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