Neck & Back De-Pigmentation Cream | For Dark Neck & Back Skin (50 gm)

Dark Neck? It’s a Complete No-No!

VinzBerry Neck De-pigmentation Cream is what you’ve been waiting for. Fortified with Kakadu Plum & Ferulic Acid, VinzBerry's carefully formulated Neck De-pigmentation Cream is the solution to having Even-Toned, Moisturized, and Bright Neck and Back skin. 

✔️ Brightens - Its active ingredients brighten the skin naturally

✔️ Moisturizes - Dark neck removal cream nourishes the dry and roughneck skin 

✔️ Evens Tone - Neck lightening cream helps to get rid of tan and lighten skin tone

✔️ Smoothens - Neck black remove cream provides deep hydration and leaves your skin smoother

Now give the nape of your neck, all the Love and Attention it deserves!

Rs. 549.00

Apply on entire neck area, massage gently with upward strokes, use twice daily.

Q. What is VinzBerry Neck De-Pigmentation Cream?
A: VinzBerry Neck De-Pigmentation cream is specially formulated for brightening your neck. Creams for dark necks like this are packed with ingredients that get rid of darkness, i.e. pigment, around certain areas of the skin. This neck darkness removal cream provides hydration while it works to get rid of pigmentation around your neck. This VinzBerry cream for neck pigmentation also leaves your skin smooth and soft and lightens the skin around the neck.

Q. What are the ingredients in VinzBerry Cream for Dark Neck?
A: VinzBerry’s neck de-pigmentation cream contains Vitamin C and Peptide 68 as key ingredients. Vitamin C is known to help with reducing hyperpigmentation on the skin as it inhibits the synthesis of melanin (1). Peptide 68 is a plant extract that works well for de-tanning. It is known to control cells that produce melanin which is done by the MITF gene it inhibits.

Q. How Does Neck Black Remove Cream Work?
A: De-pigmentation neck lightening cream like this contains ferulic acid which is known to work wonders by nourishing and hydrating the skin thereby making it smoother and softer. They work by evening out the skin tone and brightening dark areas by de-tanning them. De-pigmentation creams return your skin back to its natural style, to the way it was before being affected by environmental aggressors and other factors that lead to discolouration.

Q. What are the benefits of Ferulic Acid?
A: Ferulic acid has many incredible properties besides providing hydration and nourishment for your skin. Some other amazing properties of Ferulic acid are that it helps prevent and fade dark spots by protecting the skin from the effects of sun exposure (2). It is also known to help reduce signs of ageing, redness, and inflammation.

Q. Are these products Cruelty-Free?
A: The VinzBerry Neck De-Pigmentation cream and all other VinzBerry products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. All our products are made of natural ingredients which are key ingredients that work wonders for your skin. These cruelty-free products are designed to leave you feeling refreshed and confident in your skin while saving the planet for this generation and generations to come.

1. Maximum Retail Price: ₹549

2. Net Quantity: 50gms

3. Country of Origin: India

4. Manufacturer Info: NG Beauty India LLP - Plot No.2017, Ph-2, HSIIDC Ind Area, Rai, Sonipat 131029

5. Marketed By: Inaara Wellness Pvt. Ltd. - Suite No. 315, 3rd Floor, 1, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Martin Burn Building, Kolkata 700001

6.Shelf Life: 30 months from the date of manufacturing

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Customer Reviews

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Lopamudra Mohanty
Effective product

It's an amazing product. It really works very fast. I shall recommend everyone who is suffering from pigmentation to use it.

It's effective

Happy with results

Reveal a Brighter and Smoother Neck with VinzBerry Neck De-pigmentation Cream

We spend our time doing research for the best sunscreens, night creams, nourishing lotions, and moisturising moisturisers for our hands, legs, and feet, but do we also make the same effort for our neck and back? No, not at all. We are all guilty of ignoring the skin on our necks and backs. However, we bet you don't want the skin from your neck to your chest to be overly fragile, prone to wrinkles, and susceptible to a sagging neckline. Did you know that the collagen layer is thinner on the neck than the face, and the skin on your neck wrinkles more quickly? All these are signs of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation on the neck makes a terrible first impression on top of everything else.

According to various skincare experts, inadequate skin care is the major reason behind unidentified changes in your skin tone on exposed body regions. The absence of necessary hydration, protection, and nourishment is also thought to be a contributing factor to the rough and black neck. Therefore, if you too are stressed out dealing with dark neck issues, it’s time to sit back, relax and stop worrying about your dark, velvety neck because we at VinzBerry are here to assist you. Check out our amazing neck pigmentation removal cream that can help you get an even-toned and soft textured neck skin.

Unleashing the Potent Benefits of Vitamin C in Dark Neck Removal Creams

One frequent problem with the skin at your neck is hyperpigmentation, which can appear as melasma, age spots, dark spots, or patches of skin with darker tones. However, by including the correct skincare products in your routine, it can be controlled or reduced. Simply make sure you are choosing the right ingredients to address the problem at hand and avoid using any harmful ingredients or products that promise quick results.

VinzBerry brings to you the best neck cream for dark neck infused with the goodness of Kakadu Plum which is rich in Vitamin C. All the skincare connoisseurs are well aware of the benefits of Vitamin C in skincare products. It is a multipurpose substance with numerous skin advantages that have been scientifically verified.

Vitamin C in cream for de-pigmentation on the neck acts as a powerful antioxidant that shields the skin from free radical damage while lessening the signs of hyperpigmentation, fighting wrinkles, and repairing damage from the sun.

Apart from Vitamin C, the neck and back de-pigmentation cream is fortified with ferulic acid that provides the skin on the area with deep hydration while protecting it from any external damage.

Free from Paraben, SLS/ELS, neck darkness removal cream at VinzBerry is all you need to get an even-toned, moisturised, brightened and smooth neck. For better results, apply the best dark neck removal cream all over your neck twice a day i.e. in the morning after a shower and at night after cleansing your makeup and before going to bed. Massage the neck lightening cream gently in upward motions. Get your hands on the best cream for hyperpigmentation and slay in confidence all day long!

VinzBerry - Why it's the Ultimate Solution for Your Intimate Hygiene

VinzBerry brings you body care products that you must include in your daily routine to make life easy and skin free of issues. Our range of best self-care products has everything you need to pamper the most neglected areas of women’s bodies. Everything has been thoughtfully designed with Indian women's body types in mind, from Intimate Hygiene Wash to Hand & Nail Cream to Cream for Dark Neck.

We develop each of our products to address the growing demand among women to care for the body parts like intimate hygiene products, and underarm care that are rarely discussed and given the least amount of attention. We have made every effort to make VinzBerry as affordable as possible while providing excellent quality. With the help of our products, we let you create smooth and good connections with your body. We pay utmost attention to hygiene and wellness concerns while designing each of our products as all our products are paraben- and cruelty-free and made of natural ingredients.