Underarms Lightening Serum | For Dark & Pigmented Underarm Skin (100 ml)

Keep all those Underarm Issues at bay - Just Spray, Smell, Move on!

Our armpit lightening serum fortified with Vitamin C & Deobiome Noni, the Underarm Lightening Serum is The Ultimate Underarm Freshness packed with Skin Lightening properties, which helps to get rid of Dark and Pigmented Skin, Rough Skin and Dark Spots, all while Deodorizing at the same time.

✔️ Brightens - Underarm depigmentation serum treats marks and pigmentation

✔️ Evens Tone - Growth of new skin cells

✔️ Moisturizes - Nourishes the overall skin

✔️️ Deodorizes - Underarm lightening serum with its Peony Fragrance, all day long!

Now, don't think twice before opting for those sexy sleeveless dresses - Just include VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Serum in your daily self-care routine and witness the change.

Rs. 699.00

Spray the serum liberally in your under-arm area, use twice a day

1. Brightens : The natural formulation of this serum treats marks and pigmentation and helps to naturally brighten the skin.

2. Even Tones : This concentrated yet gentle acting serum treats dark spots and pigmentation, leaving behind clearer and smooth skin.

3. Moisturizes & Smoothes : It moisturizes the skin, helps in cell renewal and keeps it healthy. Makes your underarms skin texture clean & silky smooth.

4. Deoderizer : This serum carries the Peony fragrance, that lingers on pleasantly for a long time.

5. The serum can be sprayed directly to the underarm area by women of all skin type, without messing up your hands.

1. Maximum Retail Price: ₹699

2. Net Quantity: 100ml

3. Country of Origin: India

4. Manufacturer Info: NG Beauty India LLP - Plot No.2017, Ph-2, HSIIDC Ind Area, Rai, Sonipat 131029

5. Marketed By: Inaara Wellness Pvt. Ltd. - Suite No. 315, 3rd Floor, 1, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Martin Burn Building, Kolkata 700001

6.Shelf Life: 30 months from the date of manufacturing

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Jagdish Singh

Underarms Lightening Serum | For Dark & Pigmented Underarm Skin (100 ml)