Foot Care Cream | Moisturizes & Exfoliates, Dry & Cracked Feet (50 gm)

Desire Beautiful Feet? We all do!

VinzBerry Foot Care Cream is fortified with Witch Hazel for relief from Cracked Heels and Willow Bark for BHA action of removing Dead Skin Cells. 

✔️ Repairs - Foot moisturizer cream relief from dry, rough and cracked heels and feet

✔️ Moisturizes -  Nourishes deeply with its active ingredients 

✔️ Cleanses - Growth of new healthy skin cells around feet

✔️ Protects - Foot Moisturizer protects your feet from getting itchy, dry or rough

Heel rescue foot cream is also rich in Emollients & Urea, that help restore and protect the Dry, Rough, and Cracked skin of your feet, with a visible improvement in just a few days!

Rs. 449.00

Apply a small amount on clean feet, massage it in specially on the heal and use twice daily

1. Repair Cracked Heels : This cream exfoliates dead skin cells gently & helps in promoting new skin remewal, naturally. It's natural active ingrefients help to heal & repair cracks, making heels soft & smooth.

2. Moisturizes Dry Feet : It soothes tired & swoolen feet. it improves blood circulation & re-energises your feet, leaving them moisturized and smooth.

3. Softens Dry & Rough Feet : It is rich in natural moisturizing agents, that help hydrate feet & maintain skin health.

4. Remedy For Itchy, Tired Feet : This cream is enriched with natural antiseptic properties & protects your feet from infections & other dryness related issue.

5. VinzBerry Foot care cream is a natural, paraben-free, sulphate-free foot cream. It is gentle & safe for all skin types. Can be used by both men & women.

1. Maximum Retail Price: ₹449

2. Net Quantity: 50gms

3. Country of Origin: India

4. Manufacturer Info: NG Beauty India LLP - Plot No.2017, Ph-2, HSIIDC Ind Area, Rai, Sonipat 131029

5. Marketed By: Inaara Wellness Pvt. Ltd. - Suite No. 315, 3rd Floor, 1, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Martin Burn Building, Kolkata 700001

6.Shelf Life: 30 months from the date of manufacturing

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Happy Feet Happy Life

Let’s Dance! Let’s Walk! Let’s Run! Gosh! That footwear looks so great on your feet! With all these sentences what comes common is your feet. Even though they allow you to explore the world, your feet are frequently the most neglected part of your body. You might be thinking why are we mentioning so?

Well, give it a thought when was the last time you got a moisturiser to specifically cater for your dry and chapped heels? Not able to remember right?

While you keep on stacking and trying new skincare items for your face and beauty, you don’t look after your feet unless they scream for attention.

Do you know, even if you have immaculate skin and the nicest dress, untidy feet and chapped heels can detract from your appearance? Therefore, it's crucial to take care of your feet just as you would other parts of your body. If you are thinking to shower love on your dearest feet from now onwards, let us introduce you to VinzBerry’s deeply moisturising best moisturiser for dry feet.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Feet?

Foot care is directly related to the two most important aspects of your life i.e., productivity and physical activity. A foot that hurts or is dry and flaky will not encourage you to hit the gym regularly or concentrate on your work, thus leading to other health problems and low concentration on work.

Feet are the foundation of your body and unhealthy feet may affect your overall wellbeing. A cracked foot may develop severe pain over a period of time affecting your body posture and balance.

For people dealing with diabetes, it is extremely crucial to pay attention to their foot care as the nerves and blood flow to the feet are quite sensitive, making it difficult to heal from injuries or infections. (1)

Deeply Moisturise Your Feet With VinzBerry Foot Care Cream

Say bye to dry feet and cracked heels with VinzBerry’s moisturising and healing foot cream for cracked heels. Infused with the goodness of Willow Bark and Witch Hazel, the feet moisturiser cream works wonders on your feet. Willow Bark extract gently exfoliates the dead skin cells giving you silky smooth feet whereas Witch Hazel helps in relieving inflammation caused by cracked feet.

The feet cream is also rich in emollients and urea that unite to work on dry, cracked and rough skin on your feet.

Our heal cream for cracked heels comes with an easy application, all you need to do is wash your feet, dry them properly, take some footcare cream on your fingers and gently massage your feet and cracked heals. With regular usage of cream for dry feet, you’ll be able to see visible results in just a few days.

7 Do’s & Don’t Of Foot Care


  • Always wash your feet and allow them to dry completely, pay more attention to the gaps in between your toes.
  • Avoid going barefoot in public spaces. Direct contact is the primary method of transmission for viral, fungus, and plantar warts.
  • Keep a check on your weight. Your feet experience more stress if you are carrying extra weight.
  • Wear clean socks as they will protect your foot's skin from fungal or bacterial infection.


  • Wear footwear with inappropriate size. Regularly rubbing your toes together increases your risk of developing ingrown toenails and abnormalities like hammertoes and bunions.
  • Trim your toenails too deeply. This enables the nail to become ingrown and the skin to begin to cover the nail. Not only are ingrown toenails excruciatingly painful, but if the nail pierces the skin, the area might develop an infection.
  • Forget to pamper your feet. Regularly exfoliating and moisturising your feet make them look well-groomed, and nourished and fosters the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • Wear clean socks as they will protect your foot's skin from fungal or bacterial infection.

Benefits Of Using VinzBerry Feet Cream

  • Helps Repair Cracked Heels - The active ingredients like Witch Hazel and Willow Bark extract infused in the feet cream work gently against removing dead skin cells while assisting in the natural promotion of new skin regrowth. With regular usage of VinzBerry’s dry foot cream, your dream of having a soft and supple feel is no distant.
  • Softens Rough and Dry Feet – Being rich in emollients and urea our best foot moisturiser assists in relieving achy and fatigued feet, making them soft and supple. Regular massage of your feet with the healing cream for cracked heels helps enhances blood circulation in your feet.
  • Heels Tired & Itchy Feet – The presence of natural antibacterial characteristics in Vinzberry’s foot care cream helps guard against infections and other dryness-related problems. The heel repair cream also relieves itching and fatigue.
  • Provides Deep Moisturisation – The cream works as a great moisturiser for cracked heels. Being abundant in natural moisturising ingredients, the cracked feet cream hydrate your dry and cracked feet while preserving skin health.
  • Free From Harsh Chemicals – Being free from toxic chemicals such as sulphates and parabens, our foot care cream is safe to be used on all skin types. The foot cream for cracked heels can be used by both men and women.

Things To Consider Before Buying Foot Care Cream

  • Moisturising Qualities - A foot care cream with moisturising qualities has the ability to get rid of dryness and roughness from the feet. Hence, while buying foot care cream it is important to look for ingredients which has moisturising and nourishing qualities.
  • Ingredients – One of the crucial things to consider while buying foot care cream is ingredients. Ingredients like emollients and urea help restore the dry, rough and cracked skin of your feet. You must also check if the cream if free from harsh ingredients such as parabens and sulphates, as they may do more harm than good to your feet.
  • Exfoliating Properties – The exfoliating qualities of a foot care cream wipe away dead skin cells and keep your feet free from infections and calluses. The presence of Willow Bark extracts in the foot care cream from VinzBerry removes dead skin cells and Witch Hazel provides relief from cracked heels.

Why Choose VinzBerry for Body Care & Intimate Hygiene Products?

In giving importance to our skin on the face, we somewhere ignore the areas of our body which need utmost care like intimate areas, feet, hands, and underarms. A monthly visit to the salon isn’t enough to take care of these sensitive areas of our body. We need to continuously cater to them, to ensure proper body hygiene and health.

To solve these intimate hygiene and neglected areas issues of women, VinzBerry has launched an amazing body care product & intimate hygiene product range for women to pamper every part of their body with the best.