Winter Skincare! Tips, Products & Routine

Dec 16, 2022

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Winter Skincare! Tips, Products & Routine

Winter Skincare

During winter, our skin tends to get de-hydrated so keeping it hydrated is very important. We all are aware that our skin gets dry, starts cracking, and becomes more sensitive in this season, and fighting with all these factors becomes a huge task. Especially at this time of the year, your skin can gets wreak havoc absolutely and so needs extra care and protection. 

But are you struggling with- how to do it? What to use? If yes, then no need to worry! Just keep scrolling and read to know the perfect winter skincare routine to include. 

How does winter affect your skin?

Winter Skincare

This time of the year can be tough on your skin; the dry and cold air can lead to dry, rough, and flaky skin. Also due to lack of sunlight or Vitamin D, your skin gets tends to become drier and resulting in dehydration. We have listed some of the primary skin problems faced this winter-

  • Dry skin
  • Extra sensitive skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Flaky & rough skin

Above mentioned problems are mainly caused by:

  • Hot water or overheated baths
  • Indoor heaters- produces dry heat
  • Cold and windy weather
  • Lack of skin care due to less exposure
  • Lack of sunlight or Vitamin D

What can you do right now to treat winter skin?

Here are some of the winter skincare tools that should be there in your skin care products to combat dry rough winter skin-

  1. There is hyaluronic acid in many cosmetic products.
  2. Salicylic acid is a component of anti-aging products.
  3. Common acne treatments often contain benzoyl peroxide.
  4. Lactic acid is a frequent ingredient in chemical exfoliants.
  5. Shea butter is a moisturizer and soap ingredient.
  6. Eye lotion is designed to make creases and wrinkles look less prominent.
  7. Hand & nail cream is designed to keep the handles' skin looking soft.
  8. Various fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C.
  9. To protect dry and eczema-prone elbows & knees, wear cotton gloves and apply moisturizer.
  10. Body oil for the entire body.

Do you have all the above things in your winter skincare regime and use them twice daily? If yes, then excellent but you should also know that it may not be enough for your dry winter skin. There are a few types of moisture that you can add to your winter skincare routine for desired results.

What should you add to your winter skincare routine?

Here is all the information you need to know about what to include in a comprehensive winter skincare routine. We recommend products that have Vitamin C in them as it supports important and well-known functions, stimulating collagen synthesis and assisting in antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage. It also improves your wrinkled skin and improves the overall texture and appearance of your skin. In addition, each part of your body needs different special care.

  1. Body oil or moisturizer- Go for high Vitamin C and Vitamin E content body oil or moisture as it will in maintaining the skin elasticity and will also brighten your skin. Not only this but also improves the skin's barrier function and protects against free-radical-induced damage.
  2. Face serum or cream- It can be very beneficial to your skin during winter as it increases the moisture level in your skin. Botanical oil-rich face serums can provide the skin with a lot of moisture and nutrients. But if you have an oily skin type, then go for gel-based moisturizers or creams to avoid greasiness. 
  3. Lip balm- During winter, chapped lips is very common so to avoid that use lip balms with SPF which will protect them from getting chapped.
  4. Hand & Nail cream- Use products made with olive extracts which will keep your hand moisturized and soft. It will make your hands free from dryness and roughness. 
  5. Elbow & Knee cream- Your skin around the elbow and knee tends to get drier and becomes darker during winter so you should apply a cream that is crafted with peptide 68 and Vitamin C to make it softer, smoother, and bright. 
  6. Foot cream- During this cold and dry weather, your heels tend to crack and make them flaky. To avoid such flakiness and dullness use a foot cream made with Urea which will heal your cracked heel and prevent it from happening. Willow bark is also very beneficial to your feet as it has properties like removing dead skin cells. 
  7. Cleanser- Look for a rich and creamy cleanser that will help to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin without stripping off the moisture.
  8. Chafing cream- Due to the seasonal changes, the fabric of your underclothes, long walks, runs, body weight, etc, can cause painful chafing. So use chafing creams fortified with Vitamin C and Ferulic acid which will remove chafing marks and also prevent such from happening in the future.
  9. Intimate wash & mist- Alike your hands, feet, and face, your intimate area also needs extra care and protection from winter. An intimate wash will keep your genital area clean and the mist will keep your genitals moist and fresh. 

Winter skincare routine from VinzBerry

Here are our top suggestions for keeping your skin healthy in the winter-

  • Shower at a colder temperature to help your skin retain moisture.
  • Reduce the heat in the main room and avoid letting your heating system dry out your skin if at all feasible.
  • Avoid using scents and items that have artificial fragrances added.
  • Drink plenty of water which will keep your skin naturally moisturized.
  • Continue using the moisturizing components every day.
  • Protection from the wind is a must so cover up and protect your skin.
  • Choose the right skincare products.

The bottom line

Fortunately, a winter skin care regimen can keep your skin healthy for the year's coldest season. You can maintain healthy skin all year long by balancing washing and, moisturizing.

At VinzBerry, the health of your skin holds the top priority and that’s why VinzBerry has launched a “WINTER COMBO” which includes hand cream, foot cream, chafing cream, elbow & knee cream, intimate hygiene wash, and mist to give full protection to your winter skin. All products are 100% natural and paraben-free. 

Don’t wait! Add to cart VinzBerry ‘Winter Combo’ to keep your winter skin nourished and moisturized. Try our products and feel free to contact us in case of any queries. We are here to serve you with a better experience.