The Lesser-Known Tale of Your Underarms

Feb 17, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

The Lesser-Known Tale of Your Underarms

Ladies, when was the last time you showed some TLC to your pits? When did you last pamper them? Do you think slathering some deo or roll-ons does the trick? Then sorry to burst your bubbles honey, it doesn't work that way. Your underarms deserve much more.

Well, it's no secret that women tend to shy away from opening up about the sensitive parts of their body, let underarms alone. But, never forget, our pits do get funky at times and need some close attention.

Unfortunately, research shows that 90% of women avoid this and thus silently suffer from unhealthy underarm skin, and hence choose to refrain from wearing a tank top or a spaghetti.

The Underrated Underarms!

You see, underarms or the armpits are one of the most sensitive (and most forsaken) parts of our body, that are highly prone to excessive rubbing, heat, sweat, soreness, itchiness, odour, and darkening. Dead skins accumulate in these parts, allowing fungus and bacteria to amass and make our armpits less desirable.

And why do these things happen? Partly because of our fast lifestyle where we don't get enough time to spare for this sensitive part. And partly because we, Indian women, still lack the awareness of body care. On top of that, some of us don't know where to start.

So ladies, don't suffer alone. It's time to free out your armpits! VinzBerry brings you some cool tips that give you peace of mind and a reason to put your hands up in the air without any fear!

1. Cleanse your Armpits Everyday

Consider this to be the 'holy grail' of armpit cleansing. No matter what happens, how late you come from work, cleanse your pits thoroughly. Due to lack of airflow, fungus accumulation is quite common.

To wash all these infection-creating evils, use a combination of soap and water and cleanse regularly. But remember, do not be too harsh and rub the soap or loofah too hard.

2. Exfoliate Once a Week in the Shower to Open up the Pores

Underarms often get clogged from dirt, trapped antiperspirant, dead skin cells; which is why exfoliating once or twice a week is a must. Exfoliating your underarms not just break down the dead skins and leave them soft, but also help stimulate cell renewal in that part.

Choose a mild exfoliant, gently rub it in a circular motion for a few minutes in the shower, and then wash it off.

3. Remove Hair Gently with the Right Kind of Razor

Shave whenever required. Shaving your underarms keeps the part clean and odour-free. It helps in maintaining basic hygiene and also makes it easy for deodorants to roll on easily.

But, mind it ladies, always pick the right type of razor for a smooth shave. The razor must be sharp enough, do not use a blade more than 4-5 times, and do not let moisture collect on the blade. However, whether you shave, wax, or use hair removal cream, always do a patch test first.

4. Tone your Underarms Intermittently

I know that you moisturize your face daily. But what about your armpits? Your skincare regime will be forever incomplete if you neglect them. A dry skin is the primary reason for discomfort and itching.

Use a pH-balanced underarm lotion after you cleanse them. Pat try and apply a toner. Once the toner is dry, apply the lotion gently. Repeating this process is the key to smooth and hydrated skin.

5. Eat the Right Food

Yes, you read it right. We become what we eat - that's how the adage goes. But it's also true that our eating habits reflect on our body. Foods with strong flavours can cause pungent odour in the armpits through sweat. The flavours secrete through your sweat glands and get trapped in the pits.

Indulge more in foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, and green leafy veggies. And yes, drink plenty of water!

6. Use Natural Deodorants Consciously

Given the life we lead now, most of our time is spent outside - which means additional sweat. And underarms being the always folded zone, sweat accumulates the most there. That said, deodorant is a must.

But, while making your choice for the perfect deo, listen to your body. If your current deo causes irritation or itchiness, pick another without any delay. Alternatively, you can fall back to natural deodorants like apple cider vinegar, lemon, baking soda, coconut oil - that help you avoid itchy and sweaty armpits.

7. Detoxify with an Armpit Mask

Did you think there are masks only for face and hair care? The answer is a big no!! There are masks even for your armpits to make them look bright and feel soft. Armpit masks mainly remove the toxin and dead cells built up on the skin, exactly the way our face masks do.

Choose a mask from a good brand and eliminate armpit odour, remove antiperspirant residue, if any. And enhance the effectiveness of your natural deodorant.

8. Always Wear Breathable, Natural Fabric

Combat underarm wetness naturally by wearing natural, light fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, etc. These natural fibers speed up sweat evaporation and thus prevent bacteria accumulation that makes armpits sweaty and smelly.

Synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester, nylon - trap sweat and keep odour-causing bacteria close on your skin. Let your skin breathe with light-colored, natural fabrics and drive away the sweat.

9. Figure Out What's Causing the Issue

Discoloration and darkening of the skin are perhaps the most common trouble that gives the ladies sleepless nights. But before even treating the issue, find out the factors causing this.

Is it the deodorant you are using, or because of excessive shaving, or lack of proper exfoliation, or maybe the fabric you wear. Anything can be the reason. Try to find out the one causing the mess and then act accordingly.

10. Allow Sometime after Showering Before you Dress

This is especially for women living in a tropical, humid climate, or who usually take hot showers. Wait for some time once you come out of the shower, allow your body to cool down, and all the moisture to get evaporated.

This trick prevents any unnecessary armpit sweating or accumulation of residual water droplets.

Wrapping Up!

Beginning to love and tend to your underarms is definitely a piece of work, but a little mindfulness and caution go a long way. Adopting a healthy skincare regime focused on underarms care can not only impact your well-being positively, but also imbibe confidence and conviction.

Give some attention and care your underarms deserve and flaunt them freely. And VinzBerry gives you some ‘berry’ special products for your self-care, so that you blossom into a vibrant version of yourself.

So ladies, keep your spirit high and go on with your shenanigans without any fear. :)

Intimately Yours!