Say Adios! to Backne & Butt Acne forever

Aug 23, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Say Adios! to Backne & Butt Acne forever

VinzBerry Back & Bum Scrub

Did you know Back Acne or Backne & Butt acne is a more common issue than you think- More than 60% of men and women face Back acne & Butt acne on a day-to-day basis. But do not mistake them to be like face acne or pimples. At times, these breakouts and bumps can be both annoying and painful or bumming.

What is back acne and how does it occur?

Back acne, commonly known as Bacne”, is pimples or cysts on the back involving blackheads, whiteheads, or pus-filled bumps called cysts.

Our back has numerous sebaceous glands that produce ‘sebum’, an oily substance that forms a protective coating for the skin. Accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum within the pores in the skin, combined with an overgrowth of a common skin bacteria, cutibacterium acnes, triggers an inflammatory response and requires proper Back acne treatment.

What is butt acne and how does it occur?

The little bumps on your butt are nothing but most probably acne. Butt acne is completely different from facial acne or pimples and requires different types of treatment or proper Butt Acne treatment.

Skin conditions that cause butt acne includes Keratosis pilaris (Result of buildup of keratin that can sometimes block the hair follicle, causing small bumps) and Folliculitis (Inflammation of a hair follicle, resulting into acne or pimples). Damage to hair follicles generally happens due to:-

  • Skin rubbing against skin
  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Shaving
  • Rubbing your skin frequently
  • Spending time in hot tub

Well, just because your back skin isn’t visible to you doesn’t mean that it does not require attention and proper care.

Who doesn’t yearn for a perfect back & bum?

How to prevent and cure back acne (Backne) and butt acne?

  1. Avoid heavy oil-based products: It can cause more harm to your skin. Use moisturizers that is gentle on your skin.
  2. Regular exfoliation and washing: Sweat and dirt can give rise to acne or pimples. Hence, cleaning will kill the bacteria and prevent any infection from spreading. Avoid hard cleansers and soaps.
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  3. Bathe with warm water for the shortest time possible: Hot water can dry out the skin, making the case worse.
  4. Wear loose clothing: This will enable the skin to breathe and avoid friction.
  5. Change out of wet or damp clothing immediately.

Back acne and Butt acne issues are real as well as normal. If you do not provide proper back treatment and butt treatment, Backne and Butt Acne may get worse over time.

However, in case of severe acne breakout, we highly recommend you to consult a doctor and seek proper medical attention. For other personal hygiene products you can explore underarm care products, intimate hygiene products , bodycare products ,intimate bodycare products