Let's talk about, most often ignored topic - Underarm Care!

Jul 14, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Let's talk about, most often ignored topic - Underarm Care!

VinzBerry Underarm Care Combo

Have you ever thought why aren’t we so cautious of what we use or apply when it comes to our underarms?

Underarm is one of the areas of our body that has least access to fresh air. Its warm and sweaty environment makes it prone to bacterial and fungus growth that interferes with the pH balance of our skin leading to problems like rashes, infections, itchiness, bad odour and patchy skin. It is recommended that the pH level of your underarm should at any time be 7.

You see, underarms or the armpits are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, that are highly prone to excessive rubbing, sweat, itchiness, odour, and darkening. Dead skins accumulate in these parts, allowing fungus and bacteria to amass and make our armpits less desirable.

Underarm skin usually gets darker because dead skin cells get accumulated in this folded and hidden area causing pigmentation.

And why do these things happen?

Partly because of our lifestyle where we don't get enough time for a daily self-care routine or keeping intimate hygiene. And partly because we still lack self-awareness. On top of that, some of us don't know where to start.

As a result, Dark underarms make many people self-conscious due to which they avoid wearing certain clothes.

Underarm skin health is an important issue and it's time we take steps to maintain it. Just waxing or shaving it is not sufficient. So, why not have an Underarm care routine or Underarm care regimen?

Oh we understand, this sounds like a lot of work isn’t it?

VinzBerry Underarm Care Combo

Well nah! VinzBerry has got you all covered with its UNDERARMS LIGHTENING MASK and UNDERARMS LIGHTENING SERUM. Easy to use and effective since Day 1. These are the products your underarms were waiting for.

  1. VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Mask: VinzBerry Mask is formulated with natural active ingredients, and is specifically designed for sensitive underarm skin and removes pigmentation, discoloration and roughness of dark underarm skin. It helps restore the natural even tone of skin that leads to underarm whitening, and it also leaves you with smoother, softer and firmer skin.
  2. VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Serum: This serum spray lightens and evens out the dark spots from your underarm area. It helps new skin cells growth to address the look of discoloured areas, blend and enhance the overall skin’s appearance of sensitive areas, prevents skin from hyper-pigmentation and maintains your pH balance. Its Peony fragrance deodorises all day long.

The two combined acts as a perfect Underarm Care Combo one can think of. The Underarms Lightening Serum (to be used twice daily) works as a mild deodorizer and it’s Vitamin C starts the skin lightening process, while the Underarms Lightening Mask (to be be used twice weekly) works as a skin moisturiser and it’s Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid starts the skin lightening process.

So girls, throw your hands up in the air and slay in those sexy cut-sleeves dresses by making us a part of your underarm care routine.