Let's debunk - 5 common Dry Skin Myths people still believe!

Aug 18, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Let's debunk - 5 common Dry Skin Myths people still believe!

Many people suffer from dry skin problems and deep down everyone wishes to have flawless skin. It is definitely unpleasant to feel the stretch & pull, dullness and flakiness all over your body. However, people tend to live in bubble of myths that are believed to be helpful that indeed could have a negative impact on dry skin concerns. People, it’s high time we prick these bubbles and throw some light on reality. 

So let us take you through 5 highly talked about myths of dry skin:-

  1. Dry skin is a result of colder temperatures: The external cold temperature does have an effect on our skin but dry skin is an all year round issue. Our skin also gets dry due to intensive UV rays, saltwater, chlorine, Air conditioning etc.
  2. Dry skin requires more oil-based products: Deficit in natural oil may be one of the contributing factors to dry skin but not the only reason. Our skin also requires a certain level of moisture and hydration. 
  3. Drink lots of water to avoid dry skin: Well, water isn’t the only dry skin fix. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can improve the appearance and quality of your skin but it certainly isn’t the only way to combat dry skin. You can treat and help prevent dry skin by using gentle, soap-free cleansers, and moisturizing on a regular basis and also avoid hot showers that’ll strip away your skin’s natural barrier function.
  4. You need to apply a heavier moisturizer: Well no. At times our skin gets dehydrated and not dry. In that case greasy creams may cause congestion and breakouts.
  5. Exfoliating makes dry skin worse: Well exfoliating with a hard scrub might damage the skin’s barrier and make dryness worse but skipping it altogether might make it a lot worse because then dead skin gets accumulated and leads to itchiness and dry skin. So, you need to get a gentle exfoliator for your skin.

Well, somehow we still manage to take care of the dry skin issues that happen all over our body and face but what about your hands and feet that does your work and carries your weight all day long eh? Don’t you think they require your attention and care too? You definitely do not show them love unless they scream for your attention.

Anyways, No problem! We’ve got you all covered. We’re here to assist you and to make sure you take proper care of them too.

  • Keep a hand cream on you at all times. In this pandemic age, when washing our hands consistently is extremely important, the soap and sanitizers can give your hands a dull, dark and dry look. This can lead to skin peeling off your fingers and palm, some of the most sensitive and equally drying areas of your hands. You can go for VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream (Fortified with Colloidal silver & Olive extracts) that has both sanitizing and moisturizing properties.
  • The simplest and fastest way to care for your feet is by investing in a foot cream. A good foot cream keeps your feet moisturized and treats the many skincare issues occurring on your feet, i.e., from dry feet to cracked heels. You can go for VinzBerry Foot Care Cream (Fortified with Witch Hazel and Willow Bark) that will help you restore and protect the dry, rough and cracked skin of your feet.

Now that you know so much about dry skin and taking good care of your neglected body parts, make us a promise to never ever fall into the trap of these vicious myths. We’re #IntimatelyYours.