Here's a sneak-peak into an Ideal Female Backpack!

Aug 01, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Here's a sneak-peak into an Ideal Female Backpack!

Who doesn’t love to travel and explore new destinations and experience what this world has to offer? But yeah, backpacking comes in handy with travelling and of course that is a daunting process for each one of us, especially the women.  

The dilemma as a woman is that “What all should I pack?”, and no matter what, something is always left behind. 

So girls, let’s get you Adventure Ready! In this blog we've got you all covered from a ready-to-mingle trip to a trip full of fam jam.

Here’s a list of certain items which are universal and should be taken everywhere you go.

A toiletry bag which should include essentials like:

A handbag that should include:

Packing cubes - To organise and compress your items of clothing.

Footwear - Lightweight sports shoes because no matter what terrain you go they have your back. Formal shoes or even boots should always be avoided as they are less comfortable for walking.

So Girls! Why wait for a prince anymore when you can just pack and travel the world?

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