Intimate Hygiene for Postpartum Care

Mar 27, 2023

Creative Team

Intimate Hygiene for Postpartum Care

Significant physical and mental changes occur for new mothers throughout the postpartum period. New mothers must take good care of their bodies during this time, including practising intimate cleanliness. Infections can be avoided, healing can be accelerated, and comfort can be given at this delicate time with proper intimate hygiene. We'll go through intimate hygiene advice for postpartum care in this blog.

  • Recognizing the alterations to your body
  • Your body goes through a lot of changes throughout pregnancy, and your hormones adjust to your baby's growing needs. Your body undergoes further changes after having birth. You might feel lochia, or vaginal discharge, which can linger for up to six weeks. Blood, mucus, and uterine tissue are combined to make lochia, which aids in the uterus's postpartum recovery. The discharge will begin to be heavy and will progressively lessen in volume and colour.

    It's critical to comprehend these bodily changes and to get ready for them. Get sanitary napkins made with postpartum bleeding in mind. These pads offer comfort during this delicate period since they are larger, more absorbent, and softer than normal pads.

  • Proper cleaning after childbirth
  • After labour, proper cleanliness is essential to preventing infections and fostering healing. You should use warm water and mild, unscented soap to clean your genital area. In the vaginal area, stay away from using harsh soaps, fragrances, or lotions because they might irritate the delicate skin and upset the pH balance. Thoroughly rinse the area, then pat it dry with a fresh towel. Avoid touching the area with a towel because it could irritate it.

    To avoid infection, it's also crucial to change your sanitary pads frequently. Every three to four hours, or as soon as it becomes saturated, switch out your pad.

  • Avoiding things that can irritate you
  • Your body is still recovering after giving birth, so you should refrain from any actions that can irritate it or impede the healing process. Tampons should not be used as they increase the risk of infection by introducing bacteria into the vagina. Also, as your body requires time to heal after childbirth, you should refrain from sexual activity for at least six weeks.

    Itching and discomfort can also result from wearing restrictive clothing or undergarments. To keep the genital area dry and prevent infections, choose loose-fitting apparel and cotton pants.

  • Adequate perineal care
  • Postpartum perineal care is crucial, especially if you underwent an episiotomy or suffered a tear during childbirth. After childbirth, the perineum, which lies between the vagina and the anus, may become sore and swollen.

    After using the toilet, clean the region with a perineal bottle filled with warm water. Use a clean towel to gently pat the area dry; do not rub the area because this can irritate it. Moreover, you can use a sitz bath or ice packs to relax the area and reduce swelling.

    Your doctor may suggest medicine to help with pain and healing if you suffered an episiotomy or tear. To promote optimal recovery, closely adhere to your doctor's instructions and show up for follow-up appointments.

  • Breastfeeding and nipple care
  • The natural and vital component of postpartum care is breastfeeding. Yet, it can also result in tightness and discomfort in the nipples. The best way to avoid infection and accelerate healing is to take care of your nipples.

    Once you've finished nursing, gently wash your nipples with warm water before patting them dry with a fresh towel. You can also ease sore nipples and encourage recovery by applying lanolin cream. See your healthcare specialist if you feel excruciating nipple discomfort or cracking since it could indicate an infection.

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