Intimate Hygiene - 12 Easy Steps To Maintain

Nov 02, 2022

Neel Shah

Intimate Hygiene - 12 Easy Steps To Maintain

Intimate Hygiene

Women usually don't like talking about it openly, they have nicknames for the most important part of their body which is the intimate area. But it is very important to know how to take perfect care of your intimate area. 

Intimate hygiene is about keeping your privates clean. Many times women don't know the difference between intimate hygiene and regular hygiene. Vaginal hygiene is maintained by keeping the pH balanced at a level of 3.8 to 5.0. Any changes in the pH level may lead to various UTIs and yeast.

Here is what you need to do to maintain your Intimate Hygiene.

Good Quality Intimate Wash

When it comes to your intimate hygiene the skin of your intimate area needs a little extra care as the skin of that area is too delicate and sensitive. And using daily or ordinary soaps in your intimate area can lead to an imbalance of the pH level which in turn can lead to various problems such as itching, odour, and infections. The best way to use the intimate wash is by pouring a few drops on your hand and using it as you wash with liquid soap. One of the best intimate washes is provided by VinzBerry.

Wash Only The Outer Parts Of Your Vagina

As we know vagina has the ability to self-clean and restore its pH this means that we do not need to wash the insides. Washing and cleaning the vagina from the inside can be harmful. It is recommended to wash only the outsides such as the vulva, vaginal lips, and around the clitoris. Make sure to use a good quality wash that suits your skin type. 

Wash at least Once A Day

Make sure to wash your privates with lukewarm water at least once a day. So that it can keep the bacteria away make sure to wash your intimate area twice a day during your periods

Do Not Spray Water Directly

Make sure not to spray the water directly into the vagina as it may lead to the entry of the bacteria. Wash your intimate area gently. And make sure that the water runs from top to down.

No Sponge Or Gloves

The skin of your intimate area is very delicate so do not use abrasive things. It is always recommended to use your hands only. Intimate hygiene never requires any special equipment. Just some wash and water and your intimate area can be maintained. Abrasive fabrics can lead to irritation and bacteria tend to grow on things like sponges and gloves.

Use a Soft Towel

As said that your Intimate area is very sensitive using hard fabrics can affect your area. Use a soft towel to dry up your intimate area. Ensure that you wash this towel in warm water with mild soap at least once in 2 days

Wipe Right

We have heard this tip of intimate hygiene before. But we tend to neglect it. There is a way to wipe your intimate area. And following that is the must. Ensure to clean your intimate area from front to back. If in case you don’t follow that there are chances that the bacteria can enter your vagina and may lead to some type of UTI. 

Change Pads Every 2-4 Hours

Using a sanitary napkin for more than 4 hours is harmful as it can lead to multiplication of the bacteria which may affect your intimate hygiene. Try using cotton pads as it is more suitable for the skin and will not lead to fungal infection

Minimize the Use Of Tampons

If you are the one who uses tampons make sure to be a little more careful. They should be changed regularly as they can cause toxic shock syndrome. Make sure not to use tampons if you are going through an infection. And you should never wear a tampon while sleeping.

Wear Cotton Garments

Cotton clothes are like your skin's best friend. They allow your skin to breathe, unlike synthetic clothes that block the circulation of air. If there is no circulation of air the humidity level in the intimate area may increase which may lead to the birth of various bacteria. Also avoid wearing clothes like tight jeans, bottoms and pants which are sticky to your skin.

Drink Up More Water

When it comes to our body all the magic is done by the food that we eat. But when it comes to our intimate area drinking more water is very essential. Water helps us to flush out the toxins from the body and prevents us from UTIs and yeast

Care With VinzBerry

VinzBerry provides Intimate Body Care, Underarm Care, Body Care, and Intimate Hygiene products which will help you to maintain your intimate hygiene. In case of any queries, you can feel free to contact us.

Try to incorporate all this into your routine to maintain your intimate hygiene and keep yourself smiling and confident.