How to Relieve Period Pain During Winter

Feb 01, 2023

Creative Team

How to Relieve Period Pain During Winter

Period Pain

Are you also experiencing severe period pain during winter and wondering, "Why only me?" Well, don’t worry; it’s pretty normal to experience severe period cramps, especially during the winter season. Even though the intensity of the pain varies, it is true that your period pain may worsen in the winter. So, while you are probably covered in layers of sweaters and jackets, comfortable in your home, curled up in your blanket, and not feeling like going out, you can try these simple at-home remedies to relieve yourself of those monstrous period cramps. 

Why does winter mess with the monthly cycle?

Well, decreased ovarian activity and reduced activity are the main contributors to painful periods throughout the winter. Furthermore, premenstrual symptoms, irregular periods, and pain are made worse by low vitamin D levels, decreased blood flow, and artery contractions.

Due to people's preference for spending more time indoors during the winter, which limits their exposure to sunlight and lowers their levels of vitamin D, period pain is usually noted to be more prevalent during this season. The bloodstream is commonly constrained when it is cold because the veins constrict due to the cold, which forces the heart to pump blood through the body more vigorously while also decreasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and increasing resistance as a result of vasoconstriction. This drastically raises blood pressure levels.

Here are a few tips to ease menstruation pain:

  • Add turmeric to your diet
  • Due to its abundance of anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric can help ease cramps and stomach pain. Add turmeric to the veggies, milk, curries, and soups. To relieve period pain during winter, adding turmeric to your diet is said to be beneficial.

    1. Remain hydrated

    Bloating can cause discomfort and make menstrual cramps worse during the menstrual cycle. Getting rid of the pain will be made easier by drinking adequate water. Similarly, choosing hot water will calm your muscles and improve blood flow throughout your body. Water gives your body much-needed comfort to relieve period pain during winter.

  • Select herbal teas
  • The anti-inflammatory qualities of chamomile, fennel, or ginger tea can reduce period pain. Additionally, the goodness of herbal teas will aid in your relaxation and stress reduction. It may be calming. So, give any herbal tea of your choosing a try, and you'll definitely notice a change. Don't drink too much of these teas. Herbal teas are known to give a soothing effect and relieve period pain during winter

  • Heat it up
  • Menstrual cramps are definitely uncomfortable and unsettling. You'll need to swear by hot therapy to get rid of the cramps. Choose a heating pad and hot water, and apply them to your stomach. You can also take a hot bath. Heat has a tendency to relax the contracting muscles that cause period pain while also increasing blood flow to the area.

  • Consistently work out
  • Exercise can cause the release of endorphins, which improve mood, lessen pain, and relax muscles. because endorphins are a type of natural analgesic! Workout along with a little bit of yoga go hand in hand to relieve period pain during winter.

  • Massage 
  • By helping the uterus relax, massages may lessen uterine spasms. The belly area should receive most of the massage. However, avoid exerting excessive pressure. Everyone is encouraged to have a mild massage. Massage all the areas such as the back, neck and also your stomach area. 

  • Yoga
  • You should practise yoga every day if you want to get rid of menstruation cramps. This can improve your general well-being and make period pain less intense. They are special poses especially made for women going through menstruation. 

  • Stay away from processed and junk food
  • To relieve cramps, consume less pizza, spaghetti, Chinese, French fries, frozen foods, bakery goods, and sodas. They have a reputation for interfering with the menstrual cycle and causing mood swings. No matter how much you crave junk food, Try to control your cravings and eat only healthy good food.


    Periods might make the winter much harder for you. Be resilient, though, and I hope these tips might come in handy this winter. Periods and cramps can be irritating, however, all you have to do is just take a rest, eat good food and also take care of your intimate hygiene during periods.

    The home remedies that are mentioned above are the ones that are effective and have somewhere been proven to work in favour of relieving the period's cramp. If you believe that the home remedies are not working and that your pain is worsening, consult your doctor for advice on what else you can do to relieve your pain. 

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