Body Odour - How To Get Rid Of It

Feb 03, 2023

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Body Odour - How To Get Rid Of It

Body Odour

Body odour is always a big turn-off. While body odour can be as normal as breathing and can be totally natural, it is also true that people neither like to smell bad nor surround themselves with people who smell bad.

There can be multiple reasons for body odour. However, if you want to avoid that embarrassing situation in a social environment, then it’s time you took control of your body.

No matter how mild or intense it may be, body odour, or B.O., is an undesirable issue that affects people of all ages, including teenagers, young adults, and the elderly.

B.O. can also develop in the foot, pubic region, and buttocks, despite the fact that it most frequently occurs in the armpits. Men and women both regularly express anxiety about sweaty, stench-filled scalps.

  • Wash frequently 
  • Wash more regularly, especially in the intimate regions, if you are prone to B.O. Think twice before putting that T-shirt back on while you're at it. Although not every item of clothing needs to be washed after each use, you might need to wash more regularly if you have a tendency to perspire a lot.

     If you have body odour, wash shirts and other clothing that touches your armpits after each use. Cover your armpits with a base layer, such as a short-sleeve T-shirt, to stop sweat and bacteria from getting on your sweaters and outer layers. You won't need to wash them as regularly if you do. Additionally, your sweater and you will smell better.

  • Change your clothes frequently.
  • Don’t wear your sweaty clothes over and over again or for a long period of time. Try to wear clean, fresh clothes after coming back from work or a workout. Once you are done with your workout, change out of your sweaty gear. After a hot day, swap out your musty shirt. Bring a change of clothes so you can change after you travel to work. 

    If you're perspiring a lot, change your clothes frequently. Wearing clean clothes can reduce body odour.

    Change your socks as well, especially if you have a tendency to have smelly feet. Replace your insoles frequently, and use deodorant powders in your shoes.

  • Be conscious of what you consume.
  • If you drink too much alcohol, you may end up smelling like salsa and margaritas all day. Also, avoid eating junk food, which can be one of the factors contributing to body odour. Your body's odour is strongly influenced by what you consume. Sulphur-containing foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, might alter how you smell. Garlic and onions are common culprits. Your B.O. may also be affected by curries and other potent spices. Pay close attention to your diet. Avoid or consume fewer stinky meals.

     Your body odour is influenced by what you eat.

  • Wear anti-odour underwear or breathable fabrics.
  • Using breathable, natural materials like cotton or bamboo can aid in eliminating body odour. On the other hand, synthetic textiles like polyester and rayon force moisture and bacteria outward, leading to a more overt odour as well as sweat marks.

    An excellent natural technique to stop body odour is to wear an undershirt. To keep moisture in check and lessen odour, undershirts provide an additional layer of absorption.

  • Dry off thoroughly.
  • Moisture is ideal for bacteria. Exercise cautiously if you have a tendency to stink after washing, showering, or swimming. Before putting on your clothes, thoroughly dry yourself off with a towel, paying special attention to the regions where you perspire the most (like your underarms).

    Dry yourself completely after a shower, paying special attention to any places where you tend to perspire a lot.

    It's more difficult for bacteria that produce body odour to grow on dry skin.

  • Witch Hazel, Lemon Juice, or Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Applying apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or witch hazel to the afflicted areas or washing them will help to naturally eliminate body odour. These natural medicines from the kitchen and medicine chest have antibacterial qualities that eliminate bacteria and maintain the pH balance of your skin.

    Apply witch hazel or apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball to your pits (or any other odour-prone regions), and then thoroughly rinse with cool water.

    Alternately, apply a half lemon to your underarms or other odour-prone areas and rinse. Lemon juice and water can be combined in equal parts if you have sensitive skin. Apply to your skin after soaking a cotton ball in the solution.

    Use these treatments only on clean, dry skin, and stay away from the eyes.

  • Alter your laundry plan
  • Try altering your laundry regimen using these suggestions if you have trouble getting rid of body odour:

    Sweaty clothing should be washed as soon as possible. If perspiration is allowed to soak into the fabric, it will be difficult to remove the odour.

    Wash your clothes from the inside out so that the detergent can do a better job of getting rid of sweat and stink.

    One cup of vinegar should be added to the wash cycle. Vinegar can be added to the cargo to get rid of strong smells.

    Put the dryer away: Your clothes' stench might get worse by being further baked in by warm, musty dryers. For optimal results, try drying your items on a line or in the air.


    This blog talked about some of the ways in which you can reduce body odour. Although body odour can be unpleasant and cause one to lose self-confidence, it is important to remember that it is very natural and happens to everyone. You just need to love yourself and be happy and confident with the way you are and always remember that you can change the way you smell. You just need to take out time from your busy schedule and give yourself some ‘me’ time. 

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