How to Clean Up After Sex to Avoid Infections & have a Healthy Sexual Life

Jan 04, 2023

Creative Team

How to Clean Up After Sex to Avoid Infections & have a Healthy Sexual Life

Healthy Sexual Life

According to Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, sex is a basic human need without which survival is difficult. While sex can be amazing, you should not avoid post-sex cleaning if you want to lead a healthy sexual life with your partner.

While it may seem like a tedious job to get out of bed after sex and clean up, keep in mind that these will be helpful in the future.

This blog will delve into the basics of post-sex care and give you tips to follow for a healthy sexual life.

  1. Pee- After having sex, immediately use the restroom. Pee to adequately flush out all bodily fluids and lower your risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Additionally, it removes any errant sperm, reducing but not completely eliminating the likelihood of conception or pregnancy.

    You are also more likely to get urinary tract infections because of the bacteria. So, make sure to use the bathroom before and after sex. Additionally, if you don't feel like passing urine, drink some water. It will help in removing the bacteria.
  1. Clean Up- Use a soft towel, warm water, and light soap. Always wash your privates from front to back, never the other way around. The vagina has a built-in self-cleansing process that uses beneficial microorganisms to maintain regulated pH levels. Don’t douche. The vagina will take care of itself if you just keep the outside parts clean!

    It's not necessary to get out of bed and head straight for the shower. However, for a healthy sexual life, it is beneficial for both men and women to gently clean themselves down there. Use warm water to wash the region surrounding your genitalia. You can try mild soaps, but they might dry out or irritate the area if you have sensitive skin or an infection already. Men should carefully peel back their foreskin and cleanse it from below.
  1. Wear fresh and comfortable clothing- Always make it a point to wear clean clothes since body fluids that stain your undergarments and clothing serve as a breeding ground for infections. Additionally, change the sheets. Soon after having sex, you should feel normal.

    Report any sores in your private areas, burning or itching while urinating, fever, or new lumps that worsen over time to lead a healthy sexual life.

    Bacteria and yeast thrive best in warm, humid environments. Wear breathable clothing and underwear. Women should stay away from tight clothing such as panties. Both men and women can wear cotton underwear since it is airy and absorbs moisture. Or simply skip wearing underpants when you go to bed.
  1. Remember to discard the condom properly- The condom will clog your drain if you try to flush it down the toilet, so avoid doing that. Take that wrapper, tie the condom, and throw it in the trash. 
  1. Wash your sex toys- Bacteria, viruses, and fungi might linger after you've treated them. As a result, your toys may spread diseases and STDs Every time you use a toy, clean it. Follow the cleaning directions on the packaging. Sharing toys with others is not a good idea because it spreads germs.

  2. Cleaning the bed- A clean bed facilitates a comfortable and relaxing sexual experience. In fact, cleaning the bed after sex can help you prevent the build-up of any kind of bacteria due to secretions and bodily fluids. It is good for sanitary purposes and will help you engage in a comfortable and hygienic sleep as well.

  3. Wash Your Hands- It is not just before, but one should thoroughly wash their hands after sex as well. This impedes the buildup of bacteria that might occur due to the remnants of any bodily fluids that might come in contact with your hands. Washing your hands before and after sex is very important for hygiene reasons. 

  4. Drink a Glass of Water- Hydration is always a good idea. When you drink a glass of water after sex, it revitalises your body and also pushes out any kind of bacteria that might have made its way into your body during sex. 

  5. Empty Your Bladder- Emptying your bladder after a second is a great way to get rid of any kind of bacteria that could have entered your body due to sex. If you don’t feel the need to go to the loo, you could instigate the same by drinking water after engaging in sexual activity.

  6. Don’t Douche- Cleaning your vagina from the inside is never a good idea. No matter if you intend to use water or any other cleaning mixture, douching is never advisable before or after sex as it can disrupt the pH level in the vagina which can yield poor results for your health.


Leading a healthy sexual life is achievable and possible. You just have to be careful because every pleasure comes with its own dos and don’ts. So now say yes to healthy sex and no to STDs.

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Q. What to do after sex to avoid diseases?

A: It is always a good idea to drink water and urinate after sex as it will flush out bacterial buildup. Furthermore, cleaning your hands and the bed sheet also helps in avoiding diseases or any kind of bacterial infections after sex. 

Q. How do you clean up after sex to prevent infection?

A: You should simply urinate and clean your genitals from the outside, to effectively clean up after sex. You can even change your clothes for hygiene purposes. 

Q. What should I eat or drink after sex?

A: You should always have a glass of water after sex. If it happens to be meal time, you can have a balanced diet as it will nourish and augment your overall health. 

Q. How can I heal faster after sex?

A: The best way to heal sooner after sex is to properly hydrate your body and rest. Stay away from any kind of irritants like tight clothing, scented cleaners for body cleansing etc.

Q. How long is the recovery time for sex?

A: It varies from person to person. Some people recover immediately while others take some time. It depends upon your personal health and the intensity/manner of the sexual activity.