Female Hygiene Hacks For Winter

Nov 09, 2022

Neel Shah

Female Hygiene Hacks For Winter

Female Hygiene


The winter season is finally on its way! Although winter can be quite beautiful, once the cold weather sets in, it can be quite challenging to maintain our Female hygiene, especially in keeping our intimate areas healthy.

When it comes to female hygiene it is an important point to talk about. It is a must to take care of your hygiene be it any condition or any type of hygiene. During winter we take a lot of care of our outer body and skin.

Besides taking care of our skin, our intimate area is another sensitive part of our body that needs extra tender loving care. Because of this, it's suggested to look for the best feminine hygiene products so that your intimate area stays moisturized and comfortable during the cold months.

If you're starting to build an intimate area self care routine for the winter season, stick around. This is our ultimate guide to help you manage and keep your vulva healthy during this season. Let's get to it and start talking about the female hygiene hacks for winter.

Avoid Highly Scented Bath Products

Scented products can disrupt the pH balance of the vaginal and it can also affect your vaginal health. So it is recommended not to use scented products while taking a bath. It is always recommended to use natural and unscented bath products. In any case, if you want to fill the senses during bath time you can light up a scented candle or drop a few drops of lavender essential oil as it smells wonderful and is also antibacterial.

Choose Clothing Carefully

It is always recommended to wear loose clothes be it any season of the year for our skin to breathe. Active wear and thick tights have a negative effect on intimate health as they do not allow the vagina to breathe. In a warm and moist environment, bad bacteria and yeast grow rapidly. It is recommended to opt for natural fabrics such as 100% cotton as cotton clothing is best suitable for the skin.

Hot Pants

It's a weird thought but washing alone may not remove all your bacteria and yeast from the inner clothes. The best tip is to iron your inner clothes after washing them. Ironing your inner clothes kills the leftover bacteria and protects your intimate area from various infections.

Cut down on Alcohol Consumption

During winter many of us intake alcoholic drinks to keep our bodies warm. Regular consumption of alcohol can create havoc with our intimate health. Try to cut down on the consumption of alcohol but if you find it difficult to cut down on the alcohol try drinking it more mindfully. You can even opt for lower-sugar options like clear spirits or wine spritzers with sparkling water. Alcohol many times have an ample amount of sugar in it. Before consuming any drink make sure you check the level of sugar that is present in the drink.

Cut Down On Sugar

Try to cut back on sweets and chocolate as sugar can feed bad bacteria or yeasts. Instead, opt for darker chocolate that is 75% cocoa - this contains much less sugar compared to milk chocolate and is loaded with nutrients which may positively affect your health. As mentioned above, drinks contain lots of sugar too – check the sugar content in any sodas, mixers, and even fruit juices, that you drink before consuming it in order to maintain your female hygiene.


During the winter season, we normally reduce the intake of water in our bodies. Hydrating yourself is the cure for many problems. If you suffer from vaginal health problems during winter then keeping yourself hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of fluids can help reduce the problems. Water is one of the best solutions for keeping your female hygiene health game on top. 


Food also plays an essential role in maintaining your female hygiene. There are various foods that are good for your intimate area which will not keep your below-the-belt area dry and will keep the intimate area away from UTI and various other infections. Try to add that food into your daily diet to improve your female hygiene.

From Us To You- Winter Tips For Your Lady Bits

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