During the Global Pandemic : Why taking care of your Hands is need of the hour!

Jun 02, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

During the Global Pandemic : Why taking care of your Hands is need of the hour!

VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream

I scream, You scream, We all scream for a HAND cream.

During a global pandemic, one important way to prevent the spread of a virus is by washing your hands frequently with soap and water or a sanitizer but that in return makes your hand dull, rough and dry, which is why it’s so important to keep them moisturized.

There can be many environmental factors that can affect the health of your nails, like lack of moisture in the air makes your cuticle area delicate, causing nails to break easily. Not only that but a lack of a healthy diet, which is low on protein and good fats can also make your nails break easily.

Other nail issues, like brittle nails are a result of dehydration of the nails due to excessive water exposure or use of cutter or nail polish removers, but regular usage of Hand & Nail cream helps in maintaining the overall health of your hands & nails.

Too much usage of water, sanitizer, soap, hand wash, causes dry and itchy hands, and cuticles get flaky so a hand cream works wonders whenever you're in a jiffy!

Few people, who do not like the idea of using a hand cream, ask - what do hand creams do?

Well, to answer that, hand and nail cream provides the much needed Moisturization to your skin. It helps in Nourishing, Improving the texture and elasticity of the skin as well as the nails, preventing issues like Dry Hands & Brittle Nails.

Nobody likes Dry Hands. So before understand how to prevent them, we must know what are some of the common causes of Dry Hands-

Weather change - Environmental conditions causes dryness which leads to irritation. Hot air, cold air affects our hands skin as much as it affects our face and our body.

Frequent Handwashing- How many times do you wash your hands in a day? Do you have a count? Me neither. Regular usage of hand gel, chemicals, soaps reduces the quality of your hands & nails causing itchiness and dullness.

Basic daily activities- Doing the basic household chores, playing outdoor games, cycling, driving for a matter of fact, working out or even if exposed to the sun, take a serious toll on your hands. It gets rough and gets chapped which is Sad-Really Sad.

We are in an era, where everyone is on the go. With your busy Lifestyle, dry hands are a common headache but taking care of them is not.

Simple trick to up your Hand Care Game! Moisturize: Moisturize: Moisturize!
“There's a lot to your hands and nails than it meets the eye”


We all love the idea of soothing, nourished hands, don't we? But finding the right product for your hands can be quite challenging.

VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream

Let’s introduce to you, made with all Love- VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream.

Just like you don’t skip using a moisturizer after washing your face, similarly you should not forget to do the same for your hands because -Ouch! that hurts knowing that using our hands we can take care of all our body parts but we tend to neglect them so often.

VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream doesn’t just make your hands soft but also sanitizes them. With the goodness of Olive ExtractsColloidal Silver, this cream helps in long-term sanitization and soften hands! It Strengthens the nail cuticles and makes your hands feel nourished, softer, and younger.
It is easy to use and effective on the other hand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, - No matter How busy you’re in your day to day life, you must add VinzBerry Hand & Nail cream to your daily regime because never before has sanitizing and moisturizing your hands been this much fun.

Being consistent with VinzBerry Hand & Nail Cream ritual every day will,

  1. Improves dry hands and brittle nails!
  2. Instantly lift your mood anytime-anywhere!

Your hands say a lot about your health so give your hands and nails some pampering after a long-tiring-day, Because why not?

A little goes a long way so if you have dry or chapped hands, Eat Well, Groom Them and Stay Moisturized because Happy Hands make Happy Souls!