Different Types of Sexual Fantasies

Nov 08, 2023

Vineeta Agrawal

Different Types of Sexual Fantasies

Just like any other urge, our mind and body often experience a desire to experience decadence in our sexual life. Sexual fantasies can be defined as an idea or manner of a sexual encounter that may or may not be feasible in real life. 

Irrespective of their plausibility, sexual fantasies can turn you on and elevate your libido, sexual satisfaction and pleasure. (1) In this blog, let us explore some common sexual fantasies. However, one needs to understand that sexual fantasies can be different for different people as imagination knows no bounds! 

What Are Sexual Fantasies?

Different types of sexual fantasies are intimate desires nurtured by one’s mind. It could be about a person or situation. If one were to delve into sexual fantasy types, it would become evident that these fantasies aren't hinged to any particular theme or idea. It could be about a romantic rendezvous with someone or something more crude and kinky. 

4 Different Types Of Sexual Fantasies

We have put together a list of different types of sexual fantasies that are sexy and spicy all at once.

  • Voyeurism
    Some people might derive sexual pleasure from watching other people engage in physical relations. 

  • Domination
    People might find pleasure in being dominated or directed while doing sex. Similarly, dominating the whole act as per one’s discretion is also a fantasy for some. 

  • Discreet Sex
    Some people fantasise about having sexual encounters at discreet and unconventional locations such as aeroplanes, public parks etc. 

  • Polygamy
    This is one of the most common types of sexual fantasies. People are often sexually intrigued by the desire to have physical relationships with people except their partners. 

No matter what your sexual fantasies are, it is important to remember that it is a very personal subject and one should never feel ashamed or conscious of these fantasies. However, if you ever try to explore any of these with your partner, make sure that you clearly communicate your desire and obtain their full consent for the same. Till then, you can fantasise to your heart’s content and please yourself with some amazing personal care products on Vinzberry.

Frequently Asked Questions On Different Types Of Sexual Fantasies 

Q. What are the different levels of sexual fantasy?

A: Different types of sexual fantasies can range from mild to intense levels. It could be anything from sweet and romantic encounters to hardcore BDSM fantasies. 

Q. What is a sexual fantasy while sleeping?

A: Sexual fantasies while sleeping are called erotic dreams. 

Q. Which gender fantasises more?

A: We don't think that a specific gender fantasises more while the other one does it less. It depends upon individual preferences and sex drive. 

Q. What are the benefits of sexual fantasy?

A: Sexual fantasies help in elevating your sexual desires and also encourage you to explore them with your partner. This can work wonders for your sexual expression.