Dear Vajayjay, IntimatelyYours

Feb 15, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Dear Vajayjay, IntimatelyYours

Hello ladies, how is it going? Or should we ask, how is it going down there?

“Whaaaat..shhh”...“Uhm I don’t know”..... “ It must be fine, like okayish”

Well if your answer to our second question is any of the above, then this is your space to read. Basically if we skip to the main point - most of us spend so much time and effort caring for our skin and hair that we practically forget about one of the most vital aspects: personal hygiene.

Here are some of the top reasons why -
- Never gave much thought and importance to it
- Intimate care was not inducted in the early years, hence stays ignored
- Have no knowledge and understanding about intimate care
- Products seem inaccessible
- It’s taken care of by default, while bathing.

Well, let us wave the red flag and ask you to stop the ignorance right there. Because your vagina needs specific care and is demanding a priority pampering. Before we get to that let’s discuss a bit about the anatomy of a vagina. Well, gynecologists and experts call vagina a sophisticated part of the body!!! Surprised?
Let us simplify. Vaginas have bacterias living in them, and they need to be in perfect harmony in order to produce an environment that resembles an unspoiled wild rainforest.

The acid base pH keeps the good bacteria alive →  keeps the bad bacteria and fungi at bay → prevents yeast infection, odour, and bacterial vaginosis.

So the equation you need to restart living by is :
Give vaginal care a relook (VinzBerrt products will enable that) + Maintain good hygiene (VinzBerry blog will help you with that) = Keep yourself happy inside out (VinzBerry will ensure that)!

VinzBerry Intimate Wash & Spray is the catalyst you need to ensure the ultimate vagina to body harmony.

Fortified with silver for antimicrobial action, our sulphate-free intimate hygiene wash provides protection from bad odour, bacteria, cleanses gently and restores pH balance.
And it is best paired with VinzBerry Intimate Spray which too is fortified with Colloidal silver for antimicrobial action and Debiome Noni known for its long term deodorant action. This deodorizer prevents odour, bacteria, irritation, and itching. It’s mild fragrance refreshes the vagina while maintaining pH balance.

And few bonus pointers to remember as you begin your personal hygiene routine: -

- Put on a clean undergarment, everyday
- After washing intimate areas, make sure to rinse thoroughly
- Change sanitary pads or tampons every four to five hours
- Avoid using scented intimate goods at all costs
- Wearing tight clothing collects moisture and prevents the skin from breathing. Chafing is also a possibility. So avoid.
- To clean, use gentle, soap-free Vinzberry Intimate Wash & Spray
- Cotton clothing are preferable to synthetic textiles
- Do not douche because the vaginal area is self-cleaning!

Remember, happy vajayjays is happy you everyday!