Chafing 101 : Your complete guide to a Chafing-Free Summer!

May 22, 2022

Vineeta Agrawal

Chafing 101 : Your complete guide to a Chafing-Free Summer!

The summers are here, or we can say the season of Chafing is just around the corner. 

As excited as you get to wear the summery clothes but there are times when we cannot ditch denims or tight-fitted clothes and that sometimes leaves us with itchiness, redness or rashes - which is definitely not a pleasant sight to look at. 

As the temperature is soaring high and heatwaves taking a toll on our body, we are more likely to suffer from the issue called Chafing.

Do you wonder what exactly Chafing is? 

Don't worry, in this article we have everything that you need to know about Chaf!Chaf!Chafing!!

What is Chafing?

Chaffing is a common skin problem which is likely to develop on those body parts that rub against each other or against an irritating fabric.

Repeated movements like walking, running, swimming, hiking, etc. combined with heat, moisture and an irritating fabric, makes the skin vulnerable. Hence, it forms rashes on skin that is known as Chafing.

During the hotter months, we sweat a lot more, moisture added with friction between skin can increase the chances of Chafing.

Who is more prone to Chafing?

1. Sports people and Gym enthusiasts - 

As mentioned earlier, combination of sweat, heat and repeated motions of the body or body parts, causes Chafing. Biking, running, working out, etc. are some of the activities where the clothes stick on the body or the body parts due to excessive sweating. Thus, inviting Chafing in the process. 

2. Overweight -

For people who are overweight or obese, Chafing occur more regularly around skin folds. 

3. Wearing ill-fitted clothes -

One of the major causes of Chafing is wearing irritating fabric clothes or the wrong size clothes, which rub against the skin resulting in burn, rashes and redness.

4. Menstrual days- 

The ladies only know that the period pain isn’t enough and we even have to face rashes around intimate areas, due to continuous use of sanitary pads.

How to get rid of / prevent Chafing?

Chafing is surely a thing - let's say a Nasty Thing - which no matter where, can happen to anyone yet it is one of the most ignored skin conditions. It's time to get away from this sad and painful reality. 

It's time to get conscious.

During the summers, it is important to pat dry the skin to remove excess moisture. It is also advisable to wear well fitted clothes, clothes that can let the air pass through or allow the skin to breathe easily.

But even after taking these precautions, one can still come face to face with Chafing.

Don’t you worry. We might have the right solution for you.

Presenting the VinzBerry Chafing Lightening Cream 

This cream is infused with all the good natural stuff like plant-based Silicons & Vitamin C, which not only helps in preventing Chafing but also helps in healing the damaged skin by lightening and moisturising the marks caused by Chafing.

The cream is formulated in such a way that it reduces friction and rubbing of the skin. It is easy to apply, with zero-mess and 100% relief!

Just apply a generous amount on the areas more prone to Chafing and enjoy the summer like you have always wanted to!

Why bear the pain of something we don't even deserve, right?

Why should we let an issue which is totally avoidable, affect our daily routine?

Let VinzBerry Chafing Lightening Cream be your go-to-product this summer season and experience the Soft, Supple, Vibrant and Painless skin like never before! 

Let's help each other to lead a Healthier, Happier and a Safer life and say Goodbye to Dreadful Chafs!