Best foods for your vaginal health

Mar 22, 2023

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Best foods for your vaginal health

Your diet affects more than just how much you weigh. Additionally, it influences the condition of your vagina as a whole and may cause infections, odor, and other problems. 

However, your vagina is quite competent in defending and maintaining itself. Your pH is maintained with proper vaginal care, including good hygiene, safe intercourse, and routine gyneacological appointments. Increasing your water intake and other dietary changes, such as taking pro-biotic Lactobacilli supplements, can also be beneficial.

Diet also brings up the topic of food. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all diet for maximum vaginal health, here are 6 foods that are good for your lady bits.


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  • Cranberry juice helps tackle UTIs.
  • Concentrated cranberry extract pills or 100% cranberry juice are rich in antioxidants and acidic components that work as potent infection fighters to prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.

    According to studies, women who have experienced recent or repeated UTIs may find that products made entirely of cranberries are particularly helpful in preventing UTIs. Just be careful to avoid the sugary versions of cranberry juice, which might make things worse.

    • Include potent acids that are effective against bacteria.
    • Contain natural substances, vitamin E, and vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

    Pro-tip: Choose juices that are natural and sugar-free. If you don't like their tart flavor- You can either try taking pure cranberry tablets or using the juice in fresh fruit smoothies.

  • Eat more sweet potatoes for BV.
  • Even for the health of your genitalia, these potatoes offer some sweet advantages. Sweet potatoes, which are high in beta-carotene and vitamin A, support healthy mucous membranes. The common vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis (BV) can thus be prevented from consuming sweet potatoes. An increased risk of BV has been associated with vitamin A deficiency, as well as deficits in vitamins C, D, and E, calcium, folate, and beta-carotene.

    Additionally high in fiber, sweet potatoes may help people with polycystic ovarian syndrome maintain stable insulin levels (PCOS). Since insulin resistance is a typical symptom of PCOS, controlling blood sugar over several months may help to promote fertility and lessen symptoms.

    • BV is prevented by their high levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene.
    • Contain fiber that can control insulin levels in those with PCOS.

    Pro-tip: Start your day with one of these energizing and nutritious sweet potato toast dishes for a good dose of vitamin A and vitality.

  • Omega-3 for better circulation and sex drive.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids improve blood flow and circulation, which is beneficial for your sexual desire. Although additional research is required, it has been demonstrated that these essential fatty acids "enhance sexual function in pregnant women by reducing elevated pregnancy anxiety."

    Are your period cramps making you miserable? Additionally, studies demonstrate that fish oil can treat severe dysmenorrhoea without having the side effects associated with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

    • Reduce the chance of negative responses while treating severe period cramps.
    • Encourage blood flow and could help with vaginal dryness.

    Pro-tip: Oily fish (such as salmon), flaxseed, eggs, walnuts, and more contain these important fatty acids.

    1. Fruit provides vital reproductive nutrients.

    Certain fruits are also rich in antioxidants, which are fantastic for enhancing blood flow, maintaining the health of your cells, and lowering oxidative stress, which affects fertility. Antioxidant-rich fruits include pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and blueberries. More citrus fruit consumption among women lowers the risk of uterine fibroids.

    • Enhance blood flow and maintain healthy cell growth.
    • Boost both male and female fertility.
    • Decrease the likelihood of uterine fibroid development.

    Pro-tip: Fruit can be utilized to make your favorite smoothies and has several additional health advantages.

    1. Soy helps improve vaginal dryness.

    The topic of soy can be a little controversial. However, phytoestrogens, which are substances that imitate estrogen in the body, are present in soy and are beneficial for vaginal health, particularly in those with low estrogen levels. Reduced estrogen levels in the body can be caused by a variety of factors, including drugs and menopause. But vaginal dryness is one of the main signs of insufficient estrogen.

    Products made from minimally processed soy are hydrophilic (which helps your muscles retain more water) and include isoflavones, a phytoestrogen that is good for postmenopausal women's skin.

    Comparing soy nutritional supplements to a placebo, research demonstrates that they can aid postmenopausal women with vaginal dryness. It's crucial to remember that the majority of research concentrates on isoflavone-rich supplements, which may not be found in all diets.

    • Includes phytoestrogens derived from plants that are advantageous to women with low estrogen levels.
    • Can aid in reducing vaginal dryness and improve the health of postmenopausal women's skin and blood vessels.

    Pro-tip: Choose soy products with less processing, like miso, tofu, edamame, and tempeh.

    1. Avocados enhance your libido.

    Avocados are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, and good fats, all of which are good for your libido. Because of its high monounsaturated fatty acid content, this libido-boosting fruit (yes, it's a fruit!) may increase lubrication and estrogen levels, strengthen vaginal walls, and even increase the success of IVF. However, more research on the relationship between avocados and maternal health is required.

    • Contain potassium, vitamin B6, and healthy fats.
    • May make the vaginal walls stronger and improve lubrication.

    Pro-tip: You may consume avocado in 23 different ways or you can start using avocado oil in your cookery.

    Take away!

    It's simple to put your vagina first with these 6 bites for your bits (and yourself). Even better, try coming up with meals that use a variety of these ingredients!

    Vaginal odor and pH are influenced by a variety of factors, including food, hygiene, and sexual activity. Even if a noticeable strong vaginal odor may exist, it's typically not regarded as unhealthy. A vaginal odor and discharge that are out of the ordinary for you, however, may indicate an infection. To rule out any underlying medical concerns, think about speaking with a physician.