After Sex Hygiene - 10 Steps You Must Follow

Feb 22, 2023

Creative Team

After Sex Hygiene - 10 Steps You Must Follow

Who doesn't aspire to have healthy sexual relationships? One of the goals on your list for your relationship must be to fulfill all of your partner's physical urges.

But have you ever considered the crucial safety measures you and your lover need to follow after an intimate session? You must have tried everything to spice up your relationship, from various sex positions to sex toys and various flavored condoms. However, you should also concentrate on preserving superior sexual hygiene after making love, along with raised sexual endeavors. Without it, it's possible to develop unfavorable allergies and illnesses.

Today we'll discuss 9 key practices that every couple must follow after sex to maintain a clean and healthy sexual environment.

1. Wash up

It's not necessary to get out of bed and head straight for the shower. However, after sex, both partners can benefit from a gentle self-cleanse to avoid illnesses such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). Use basic, lukewarm water to wash the region surrounding your genitalia, avoiding the interior. You might try an intimate hygiene wash but choose your brand wisely. Men should carefully peel back their foreskin and cleanse it from below.

2. Don’t Douche

Some women believe that after having sex, they must wash their vagina with water or prepared fluids. Douching, however, can result in additional illnesses. This is due to the fact that it disturbs the normal balance of bacteria in your vagina. Leaving your vagina alone after sex is the best course of action because it automatically cleans itself. Remember that a moderate odor is common and may not indicate a problem.

3. Empty your bladder

Your urethra, the tube that removes urine from your body, can become contaminated with bacteria during intercourse. Your risks of getting sick are increased by this. You eliminate those bacteria when you urinate. So take advantage of some cuddling time with your companion before using the restroom. To prevent the transmission of bacteria, women should wipe from front to back.

4. Drink a glass of water

Don't forget to drink water because it's a good idea to urinate after rolling in the hay. Staying hydrated causes you to urinate more, which flushes more bacteria from your body before infections develop.

5. Wear loose-fitting clothes

Bacteria and yeast thrive best in warm, humid environments. Wear breathable clothing and underwear. Women should stay away from tight clothing such as panties. Both men and women can wear cotton underwear since it is airy and absorbs moisture. Or simply forgo wearing underpants when you go to bed.

6. Wash your hands

The easiest technique to get rid of bacteria that you might contract by touching your genitalia or those of your partner is to wash your hands after having sex. This is essential to halt the spread of diseases. Include it in your regimen for cleaning up after having sex by washing your hands with soap and water.

7. Clean your sex toys

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi might linger after you've treated them. As a result, your toys may spread diseases and STDs. Every time you use a toy, clean it; follow the cleaning directions on the packaging. Sharing toys with others is not a good idea because it spreads germs. If you do intend to share, make an effort to cover the toy with a fresh condom after each usage.

8. Take care of any yeast infections

These can be exchanged between partners while having sex. (Yes, yeast infections can also affect men.) Therefore, if you experience itching, burning, or a thick, white discharge from the vagina or penis, undergo treatment before your next busy day. If you suspect one, talk to your doctor.

9. Extra care during pregnancy

While it's generally safe to have sex while pregnant, illnesses like UTIs are more prevalent at this time. Therefore, it's even more crucial to attend to the basics after sex: urinate, wash the area around your vagina, and drink water. Invite your companion to fall into line.

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Additionally, condoms are your best bet for complete protection against STDs, UTIs, and unintended pregnancies. They can effectively shield you from genital-transmitted illnesses. Also, purchasing them from reputable companies will increase the product's trustworthiness and warranty. To prevent condom breakage and ensure that they deliver the desired results, keep in mind to check the seal, packaging, and expiration dates.