7 Common Menstrual Hygiene Mistakes You Must Avoid

Feb 01, 2023

Creative Team

7 Common Menstrual Hygiene Mistakes You Must Avoid

Menstrual Hygiene
It's crucial to take care of your body and maintain good hygiene, especially during your period. Fortunately, the majority of us have access to clean water and a large range of reasonably priced menstrual supplies.

Women often find it difficult to ask questions about the fundamentals of maintaining good menstrual hygiene because of the stigma and shame associated with menstruation. This is likely the reason why women tend to accept any unfounded advice they read online or listen to rumors from other women, including their mothers and girlfriends.

 It is very important to get your facts checked and know the dos and don'ts of menstrual hygiene. They say that half knowledge is dangerous, and hence, your ignorance of the subject may result in a severe urinary tract infection (UTI), itchiness, allergies, or infections in your intimate area, as well as increase your risk of cervical cancer.

So, here’s a list of common menstrual hygiene mistakes that women make and ones you should definitely avoid:

  • Don't use fragrant or scented tampons and sanitary napkins.
  • You imagine that the scented pad you're wearing will make you smell like a dream as you stroll by the throng, turning everyone's heads as they can't help but picture violins playing and doves fluttering due to the sweet-smelling romance in the air. You might feel more comfortable wearing a scented napkin that claims to mask the smell of your period blood and help you feel fresher.

     Unfortunately, it's time to burst your bubble because scented sanitary products like tampons and pads can really be detrimental to your menstrual hygiene and health.

    The chemicals that are used to give fragrance to scented napkins' top layer may increase the likelihood of genital infection. They may cause irritation, itching, and swelling when they come into contact with the skin, soft tissues, and blood vessels.

    1. Don't douche your vagina.

    Douching is a western concept that involves directing a stream of water into the vagina in an effort to clean it up. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. In reality, it may raise the possibility of vaginal infections and pelvic inflammatory disorders (PID), which may ultimately make it more difficult for a woman to conceive a child and lead to complications during pregnancy.

    1. Sleeping with a tampon in

    Tampons are undeniably lifesavers when it comes to absorbing blood, especially for women with heavy menstrual flows. Therefore, it is definitely possible to avoid leaking while you are asleep if you sleep with a tampon in your vagina. However, for hygienic reasons, a tampon should be changed every 6 to 8 hours.

    She recommends sleeping with a sanitary napkin or setting an alarm to wake up for a change. Not to mention, if the tampon is left in the vagina for an extended period of time, there is always the risk of infection or, worse, death from toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a condition in which bacteria enter the bloodstream.

    1. You don't change your pad or tampon for an excessive amount of time.

    You only run the danger of developing a vaginal infection if you wear one pad or tampon for longer than 4 hours, regardless of how busy your day is. If you go beyond that, especially with a tampon, you could develop a wide range of infections and illnesses.

    1. Don't avoid bathing when you're menstruating.

    Whatever keeps you from bathing while you're on your period can backfire in terms of making you feel heavier and unclean and increasing your risk of getting a vaginal infection as well. It could be due to the fear of worsening menstrual cramps or to the sheer exhaustion that sets in when a woman gets her period.

    If you are experiencing menstruation pain or cramps, take a warm shower. To maintain menstrual hygiene, bathe regularly. All the sweat and grime can increase your risk of contracting a vaginal infection if you avoid taking a bath after working out.

    1. Cravings under control

    During your period, if you're not eating well or skipping your usual workouts, this will probably only make your bloating and mood swings worse. Get to the gym and keep up your healthy eating habits! At the end of the day, you'll feel a lot better. Likewise, drink a lot of water. This will help you stay hydrated and reduce bloating and swelling brought on by hormonal changes.

    The majority of us even succumb to these, believing that eating unhealthily won't have an impact on our menstrual hygiene or health. However, consuming unhealthy meals can result in weight gain and nutritional deficiencies, which can have an impact on your menstrual health even if they do not directly affect it.

    As a result, she advises staying away from processed foods, canned juices, and drinks, as well as things to which you may be allergic.

    1. Having Sex During Your Period

    You could feel like getting nasty between the covers while you're menstruating, whether it's due to a stronger level of sexual drive or the decreased likelihood of pregnancy in a very real sense. However, if a woman's menstrual hygiene is not kept up, it could infect both her and her partner.

    So, make sure to carefully wash your private area both before and after intercourse and for additional infection protection, continue to use condoms.


    This blog throws light on all the common mistakes women generally makes during their menstrual cycle. Many times, we don't even realize when we are doing something wrong, or we keep making the same error until something tragic occurs. So, just remember to not make the same blunders the next you are on your period. 

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