10 Natural Hacks To Ease Period Pain

Dec 16, 2022

Creative Team

10 Natural Hacks To Ease Period Pain

Period Pains

In our whole lifespan, period comes knocking- sometimes banging for 400 times approximately. During this time of the month, every woman goes through menstruation pain which makes them a bit cranky and moody. Are you searching for relief from these pains? If yes, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, after doing detailed research and experiments, we have jotted down some simple things to can do that will help to ease your period pain. And all these hacks include easily accessible things which are probably there in your sweet home right now.

Period Pain

Let’s list out the 10 natural hacks that will make your menstruating much more tolerable and comforting.

  • Use a hot water bottle or bag
  • Applying heat to your abdomen will relieve the cramps and gets the blood flowing. Doctors do say that this method is equivalent to painkillers for up to 1 hour. The hot water bottle or bag stops the pain messages sent to your brain. So if you haven’t ever tried a hot water bottle or bag, go for it- you’ll be surprised by the results.

  • Munch on dark chocolates!
  • During your period, the body loses a lot of magnesium so chocolates with 70% of cacao will help you to replenish that nutrient. But remember- don’t fall for candy bars or other milk chocolates as they have unnecessary sugar and caffeine. Eat chocolates that are made of natural ingredients and Cacao or can also bake some on your own.

  • Drink more water than usual
  • During menstruation, the body tends to dehydrate easily so consumes more H2O. Putting water in your body will also ease the symptoms such as fatigue and bloating. Again! Do not fall for any sugary energy drinks as they will make you feel worse. Consuming too much sugar during you are menstruating is not at all recommended.

  • Yogasana daily!
  • Almost everyone knows that doing physical exercises during periods helps with pre-menstrual symptoms like draining energy easily and cramping. Yoga will help you to fight these cramps; among all the yogasanas – Vinyasa will help you the most. During Vinyasa you need to softly move your body with minimal to no impact. This yogasana has been proven the most effective asana to do while you are menstruating. If you didn’t know this, start doing it from today onwards.

  • Consuming Vitamin E
  • Eat high content Vitamin E foods like almonds, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, peanuts, kiwis, avocado, and many more. Scientists researched and found out that many women intake Vitamin E supplements twice a day during their periods to be more energetic. Not only to be energetic but also to lessen the intensity of period cramps and pains.

  • Intake more calcium
  • Consuming high calcium-content foods before and after your periods will surely cut down your pre-menstrual symptoms like moodiness, cramps, and loss of energy in half. So having calcium-enriched foods like dairy products, soybean, dark green veggies, and many more. You can also take calcium tablets but it’s always better to go with the natural way.

  • Track your cycle!
  • Knowing your menstrual cycle properly will surely make your menstruating days better and more comforting. Before and during periods, we all go through some mood swings which make us feel irritated. So if you had a prior monthly chart, then you can be prepared to fight these mood swings back. If you never kept track of your period cycle, then do it now.

  • Have multiple orgasms!
  • During an orgasm, your uterus contracts, and after that blood flow increases and this hit your brain with different natural chemicals which relieve pain. So having multiple orgasms during you are menstruating is an excellent way to get relief from period pain, migraines, and cluster headaches. Doctors say that women who masturbate during their period experience fewer mood swings, period cramps, and irritation. So if never tried this, give it a shot and verify on your own.

  • Say no to coffee or caffeine!
  • Caffeine in any form tends to make pre-menstrual symptoms worse as it levels up the production of estrogen in your body. So coffee lovers, if you want to make your menstruating days a bit better- you have to say no to your morning brews.

  • Take longer naps!
  • It is scientifically proven that before and during your period, the normal sleep cycle gets disturbed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, while menstruating 30 % of women lack sleep more than usual. This makes women more agitated and cranky about everything so take longer healthy naps for avoiding all weird crankiness.

    Girl, you've got this!

    To all vagina owners, simply follow these hacks, and you'll be set to go. Remember- your period will only last for a few days so be strong and be ‘YOU’.